Workshop Finding Flow

Especially for students!

In your early/mid-twenties, a lot of things are going on in your life. Working hard on your studies, developing your social network, building your life independently from your parents, finding your way in love relationships, etcetera…

In this workshop you will get acquainted with some essential insights and tools that will support you in stepping into your power and creating the life you really love living.

At the end of the workshop you will have achieved a personal goal that you formulated at the start of the workshop. The topic of that goal can be anything that matters to you, whether it relates to your studies, job, family, social life, etcetera…
Also, after this workshop you will go home with plenty of new insights and practical tools on how to step out of any experienced limitation and how to create flow in your life!



It is my mission to guide students on their path of personal development so that they are able to build their life on the foundations of authenticity, conscious choices and living with an open heart. I believe that the world needs people who know who they truly are and what they are really capable of. I see a world in which people put their unique talents into action. A world in which people see the bigger picture and are connected to their inner source. In my workshops and coaching I offer students a space for expansion, for stepping out of any limiting patterns and beliefs, into the myriad possibilities for conscious creation.

Experiences of participants

‘I enjoyed how simple and professional Vivianne deals with complex issues of different people in the workshop, and that you are treated with full support until you reach what you aim for.’

‘I really enjoyed this workshop and I especially like Vivianne’s energy and her mindful approach. I liked the practical tools, her workbook which made it really tangible and concrete.’

‘The interactive pleasurable communication worked comforting and provided space for openness and honesty.’

‘The atmosphere in the group was very nice even though everyone had his or her barriers when talking about thoughts and feelings. Additionally, it was goal-oriented and insightful with things to take into everyday life.’

‘It gave me an insight in how to change your perspective from being stuck within negative thoughts and feelings to an observer position, which gives you the opportunity to think consciously about your struggles.’

‘I liked that the workhop was interactive. To share your thoughts and feelings and emotions out loud was rewarding. The meditation was also essential because it was nice to see what my mind observed. I liked the small group.’

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